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Before the rifle and bow, before meat or Boone & Crockett Scoring, the hunt meant something entirely different to Wicked North™ Founder and Chief Hunting Officer, Bobby Herda. Time with Dad and a never-ending supply of frozen Bit-o-Honey candies.

“In retrospect, the candy was probably a tactic to keep me quiet,” Bobby reflects, “Dad’s no dummy… And it made the time in the woods with him sweet on many levels. I looked forward to it every weekend.”

As the years passed, Bobby went from sidekick to skilled hunter and on to full-on ambassador for the sporting life, bringing new hunters into the fold. It was his passion for the hunt and sharing it with others that gave Bobby the vision for Wicked North™.

"Time is scarce these days – so we’ve got to optimize with smarter, harder-working product that gets hunters into the woods faster and safer,” says Bobby. “The hunt is no time for hassles or hang-ups.”

Born in the North (where, you guessed it, the inspiration for the brand came from), Bobby was exposed to conditions that tested him to the extreme in his hunting endeavors. “If gear works here, it’ll work anywhere. Setting records for the great outdoors is a way of life, and it leaves no room for error or malfunction.”

The objective of getting people into the woods with quality product – all in the name of maximizing their time outdoors – has kept Bobby’s inventive mind spinning on new concepts. And that's precisely what got him here today.

Dedicated to solving common hunting and outdoor challenges, Wicked North is poised to deliver innovative, disruptive product designs to the industry and beyond.