Before the rifle and bow, before meat or Boone & Crockett Scoring, the hunt meant something entirely different to Wicked North Founder and Chief Hunting Officer, Bobby Herda. Time with Dad and a never-ending supply of frozen Bit-o-Honey candies.

“In retrospect, the candy was probably a tactic to keep me quiet,” Bobby laughs, “Dad’s no dummy… And it made the time in the woods with him sweet on many levels. I looked forward to it every weekend.”

As the years passed, Bobby went from sidekick to skilled hunter and on to full-on ambassador for the sporting life, bringing new outdoorsmen and women into the fold whenever possible. It was his passion for the hunt, the outdoors and great gear that gave Bobby the vision for Wicked North.

“Bobby loves to repeat the line ‘get busy living or get busy dying’ and 9 out of ten times he gets an eye roll from me BUT I know he means it, lives it, embodies it and... I’ve always loved that about him,” says wife and co-founder of Wicked North, Lindsay Herda. “When he shared his ideas with me for starting this brand, the vision was just so clear. So authentic. So him. I couldn’t wait to get started.”

The spark for Wicked North began with Bobby’s native curiosity and countless hours tinkering in the shop to yield a better outdoor experience. And with Bobby and Lindsay at the helm and their respective strengths, Wicked North has evolved into a growing lifestyle brand with premium merchandise and innovative, clever, “I wish I’d thought of that” gear. 

The logo and brand name were inspired by the acres of white pines that surround Bobby’s shop and the extreme (some call it wicked) region he hails from and land he has navigated from day one. 

“In less than a year, we’ve built this amazing, growing community of adrenaline-seeking outdoor enthusiasts who really identify with what we’re doing,” Bobby reflects. “And it’s not just in the midwest either. We’re shipping packages out to all corners of the US and just as frequently to our neighbors to the north as well. We couldn’t be more grateful for the people, the experience and the adventure of the past year. Excited to see what comes next.”